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About Disability LIB

Disability LIB is the first capacity building alliance led by disabled people and has been set up to tackle the crisis facing disabled people’s organisations (DPOs).

Many DPOs — which are run and led by disabled people — are being forced to close down, or are barely surviving because of the substantial barriers they face, including difficulties obtaining funding and attracting suitably experienced disabled people to take on key leadership roles.

Disability LIB aims to lift DPOs out of survival mode and enhance their effectiveness and influence in the future. It will help them tackle the barriers they face and access the support and services they need to function more effectively. It will also boost their performance by improving their management and organisational systems.

Disability LIB will help DPOs by providing information and advice, signposting, one-to-one support, coaching and training. It will focus on 200 DPOs but many more are expected to benefit from its support.

The project has been granted funding from the Big Lottery Fund to run for three years, commencing July 2008.


The Disability LIB (Listen, Include, Build) alliance consists of:

DPOs and capacity building defined

What is a DPO?

A disabled people’s organisation (DPO) is “an organisation that has a membership and managing board with a majority of disabled people, and whose objectives are the rights and equality of disabled people.”

What is capacity building?

Capacity building is a type of assistance or support that is provided to organisations in order to help them improve their effectiveness and boost performance. This assistance usually focuses on management, leadership and governance, and organisational systems.